Order Terms & Conditions:

- 50% deposit is required to begin production on all custom orders
- Balances on custom orders are due within 30 days of the completion of the drums. We will notify you when we are reaching the point of completion, and explain any delays in production. 
- Unpaid balances after 30 days of completion notice will result in forfeiting deposits made and the completed product
- No items will be shipped and/or picked up carrying any outstanding balances


Turnaround Time:

- Our current production turnaround is approximately 4-5 months on kits and 2-3 months on snare drums.  Being that we craft custom drums, and each order is unique, these production times may vary and we cannot guarantee the actual lead time due to the nature of custom production.  We are human, and things can happen on all fronts, however we try our best to keep our customers in the loop as to any production delays, or problems that we may encounter.


Return & Exchange Policy:

- Every order placed with Dark Horse Percussion III, LLC is custom made to your specifications, and therefore there are no exchanges, returns, or refunds.  From the moment you put funds down towards your order, those funds begin becoming allocated towards your shells, parts, finish, services, etc.  



- Dark Horse Percussion has been crafting custom drums for over 20 years.  We stand behind each and every drum that leaves our shop, and will do everything in our ability to fix and or repair any issues that arise outside of the normal wear and tear of the drums.  Any signs of abuse or misuse of the drums will not be honored.